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Welcome to priTel business

As customer behaviour, preferences, and buying habits change, the telephone has grown to become a powerful and profitable business tool.  Not all companies are fully harnessing it’s power or getting the best out of their operation and people, are you?

Let our considerable experience in this sector, support your business goals.   As the contact centre market continues to grow at a rapid pace, more and more companies are looking to partner organisations with a good pedigree in operational practice. 

priTel is a millennium company, founded in 2000 by Prit Ahluwalia, director and principal interim manager and consultant. Prit has been recognised for his outstanding achievements and excellence in the telebusiness industry, with awards in the field of contact centre and customer service excellence.

priTel  provide advice to clients on strategy, operations management, IT and human resource issues.  priTel prides itself in providing solutions, which will deliver operational effectiveness and quality - an award winner for excellence and best practice.

Our primary goal is to ensure that your vital customer interphase, your contact centre or customer service function, is operating at the highest level of efficiency, whilst delivering customer and employee satisfaction. 

We deliver improved productivity and performance through operational effectiveness programmes and our in depth understanding of contact centres and the interaction of;

  • People
  • Performance
  • Culture
  • Processes 
  • Systems

Managing and improving contact centres requires specialised knowledge and skills to make the appropriate return on investment.

Put simply, we make contact centres better and build great customer experiences.

It is no coincidence that in tandem with the growth of the industry, we are experiencing an acute shortage of call centre management skills and an increase in workplace stress, both leading to high levels of customer and employee dissatisfaction.

priTel provide a whole range of services, designed with only operational excellence and best practice in mind.  Whether you are considering implementing, consolidating, expanding your contact centre operation or even reviewing current performance, priTel can support you to;

  • Transform your culture
  • Improve the efficiency and productivity of you operation
  • Improve the best practice knowledge and skills of your leadership
  • Improve the morale, health, welfare and stress levels of employess
  • Build great customer experiences
  • Install benchmark quality processes to deliver first-time resolution

All leading to the;

  • Improvement of  your customer service and efficiency
  • Increase in customer and employee satisfaction levels
  • Increase in the value of your customer base
  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Reduction in churn - customer turnover
  • Reduction in unit costs and cost to serve

priTel’s multi-award winning principal interim manager and consultant, Prit Ahluwalia,  has also served as a member of the editorial advisory board of Call Centre Focus, Europe’s premier call centre magazine, and has been a member of industry bodies, the Call Centre Management Association and the Call Centre Association.

Prit Ahluwalia ACII, MIMA

priTel is committed to improving the knowledge, standards and welfare in today’s call centres.